Sunday, September 21, 2014


The first thing I did each morning (ask Mark) was open the curtains and every time there was a spectacular and different looking scene. It was like a unwrapping a gift or finding the treasure. 

Good Morning Ketchikan!

 A house, a dock, a boat.  We're getting closer...........  
On our way to Ketchikan, first of 4 ports. 

 Ketchikan is on the island of named Revillagigedo. 
FYI.  My parents flew into Ketchikan by float plane back in 1965 on their trip to Alaska. While there my father shot a bear where it has been part of our family for almost 50 years! 

I really love these photos!

 Although it was rainy and drizzly most of the day we still found Ketchikan our favorite port. The town was small and quaint and very colorful. 

 Home away from home for 7 nights.  She is just waiting patiently while we visit Ketchikan.

The wildflowers are pretty much gone, but I did manage to find some flowers that were planted here and there while walking around the town. 

 A stained glass banner.  This would NEVER work in Alberta.

 We bought some teriyaki salmon jerky and it is delicioso!

Can you believe this? Look, Mark is wearing red in Rudolph's honor:)

Love the name of this candy store.  Just guess what they had there that we had never seen or heard of before?  Chocolate covered Oreos.  I was never a huge fan of Oreos, but I sure am now. 

This green house is a tourist spot. Read below to see who it belonged to back in the day.

 Because this is the salmon capitol of the whole entire world this mosaic salmon makes total sense.  
See the direction it is facing and see the direction of the water? Yep, the salmon run up this creek and let me tell you there were hundreds of thousands of them doing just that. 

Those little black dots are the salmon pushing forward. I know this picture does not do justice at all, just believe me, it was crazy.   Notice the ladder in the picture to the right?  The salmon climb that during peak season.

Just a little backyard art in Ketchikan.  This sign on the right brought back a memory of when I did volunteer work in the hospital a few years ago.  I was like a candy striper and delivered cookies and drinks.  One man there was a master poet kinda guy.  I was visiting he and his wife one day and he rattled off a poem for close to 10 minutes, all from memory and this verse was part of it.

Ketchikan must not get severe weather.  I guess with it being an island with other bodies of land surrounding it the weather must be mild enough to keep these buildings on their stilts.   

I was so excited to see totem poles in Ketchikan I had to get a picture of me in front of one.  
I know you can't see the whole totem pole, but it was either me or it. 

 These are totem poles that were taken from their sites before they were totally ruined. There are 5 in this display with a few more in the back encased in glass.  

  "Native American Totem Poles are one of the most popular Ketchikan Alaska attractions and Pacific Northwest or Alaska native art. Ketchikan Alaska has the largest collection of totems found anywhere in the world – over 80 poles scattered throughout the city - from ancient poles kept in climate controlled protection, to standing poles raised almost a century ago, to more recently carved poles that reflect the continuing deep respect for traditional values."
Click here for more information on totem poles.

 Same totem pole as above. 

The whole totem pole and all of us in one picture, how about that? 

I could live here for a year. 

I was on the top deck just enjoying the view before heading out and look what happened.
The rain stopped, the sun came out and a rainbow appeared!

The view leaving behind Ketchikan.

We are now on our way to Juneau.


The setting from our balcony, of course, at the end of another fun day!

Highlights of Day 3- Being in Ketchikan, but this same evening Mark visited an acupuncturist for a consultation.  He looks at your tongue and can diagnose you.  He could tell that Mark had back pain. I then asked him if he could look at my tongue and  he said it looked like I had low hemoglobin which causes cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. Bingo!  
Lowlight of Day 3- As we were getting in line to board the ship after having a terrific day there was a lady that was clearly drunk who had no problem sharing her colorful language for all to hear.   


Christie Hunter said...

Oh. My. Gosh! I love Kechikan and its colors, art work, and totems. What a beautiful, quaint place. Love, love, the photos of the flowers. You are so talented!

MLH said...

Your posts remind me of our first trip to Italy - I saw the entire thing through a lens! Gorgeous photography Lee Lee