Friday, September 5, 2014

Odds and Ends of the Kids

Laurel graduated from BYU-I in Art which means she knows art.  She has taken quite a few pottery classes as well as Clark.  He took them at BYU-Hawaii and has a real artistic flare too. 
In the wintertime I found a used kiln for sale, bought it and I didn't even know if it worked. Laurel and Clark were so excited about it.  I had our electrician come out to fix the chord and add a heavy duty plug outlet in our shop then hoped for the best. 

Laurel had brought some clay and supplies up the last time she was here so we decided to be creative and see if the kiln worked. 

Since we don't have a pottery wheel, Laurel showed us some examples from Pinterest of slab work. I brought out my rolling pin and we went to work. 

If the only thing we ever do is take feet and hand imprints of the grandkids this kiln would be worth it.  Here is Camryn's print. 

Laurel had some glazes too so we really were pretty legit. 

And wallah, the kiln worked/works!   This little bud vase was as creative as I could be. 
We are going to add some more glazes to our collection for sure. 

Another evening in Waterton.  Some played tennis, some ate and some went for rides on the swing. 

Camryn loved it!

The girls always have to get a calzone and their favorite pasta salad form Pizza of Waterton. 
Always.  We made our share of trips to Wieners of Waterton too, don't you worry about that.  

The game of choice this trip was Ticket to Ride.  Oh my word!
We played it 8 times I think and sometimes twice a day. We learned on the last few days to just chill and not get SO bothered and mad and worked up and mad and bugged when someone grabbed your only entrance to a route. Contention is not good, but calming games can be a touch on the quiet side. 
Key phrase of the game was, "prime real estate" and Jordan seemed to always remind us of that. 

I was the designated babysitter one night and I loved every second of it.  
Camryn and I went for a walk, had some dinner and then did a little photo shoot. 

On the last trip to Waterton for the girl's visit we strolled around.  
Here Camryn is in her stroller. 

Look at that crazy girl in the background. She could not wait to see Michelle's little family. 

Oh Jordan!

The day before the girls left Mark took them fishing at the creek. They had a great time and nobody got skunked.  
Until next summer when all of our kids are together... 
Brad and Kelly will bring their little baby boy (December 2014 arrival) and Camryn will be walking.
Maybe we will have more excitement.  You never know right? 


Marilou said...

Okay! That picture of Camryn in her stroller with the soother in her mouth (near the end of the post) looks soooo much like you and I did when when were a baby.
Do you see it? Cause I sure do!

Also....Michelle and Jordan didn't look very interested in tennis in one of the pictures. Ha ha..❤️

Kaylynn said...

I just caught up reading all of your posts and loved them. I love to read your posts because you are funny and I can hear your voice saying the words you write. Plus I know that you love Waterton, your kids and especially being a grandma!! And a very cool post about the Phillipines.

Christie Hunter said...

That little Camryn is a cutie patootie for sure!! Can her eyes BE any bluer??
Sure do enjoy reading about y'all and y'all's adventures.

MLH said...

Family time - Heaven for sure!