Sunday, September 28, 2014


We booked a hiking excursion in the Tongass National Rainforest.  I have to admit we were a little on the cheap side when it came to excursions.  I also have to admit that about 2 weeks before the cruise I called to try and cancel our cruise.  We really were only going because of Brad and Kelly and then when they couldn't go we had a hard time getting our heads around it. But all's well and end's well and we were/are so happy we just bit the bullet and did it.  
Now it's, oh my gosh, I can't believe we even considered cancelling. 
Like I said in the first post, this is the only cruise Mark and I had ever wanted to go on so who knows where all these silly thoughts were coming from. So dumb really. 

 The 5 mile hike started at 7:30 am which was really 8:30 because we had to turn our clocks back for a 1 day time change. I had been getting up around 6-7 ish every morning so this was going to be fine. All I had to do was make sure we changed our clocks.  Ok, done.  
We get up and all is good.  I look at my iPad and the time is fine.  I look at my watch and it says something different. And then, oh my gosh again.  We have like 1/2 hour to get to the meeting spot.  We quickly get dressed, grab our layers of clothes and a couple of apples and get to level 2 where you leave the ship.  There is no one around except 2 crew members who say to us, " wow, you guys are the first one out."  Yah, we were an hour early.  It was 6am.  I figured my iPad would correct the time itself and when I realized it wasn't connected to the internet I was all confused.  Good news was that we were ready to go with lots and lots of time to eat our little hearts out before the hike.  

 Here is Nita, our guide.  She was so knowledgeable about the area and the "flora and fauna" on the hike.  Both her and her husband do guides.  They moved from Anchorage I believe, a few years ago and they are having the time of their lives.  Nita has worked for the forest service for years and her one piece of advice is to never move up in the ranks because once you do you are stuck in the office.  The reason you work for the forest service is because you love the outdoors right?  So now she leads hikes and loves it. 

 We took the White Pass train to the head of the trail, about 6 miles.  

This was the starting point, the Denver Glacier Trail. 

 We were too late in the season for wildflowers, but the greenery was so pretty. 

Most of the trees were Western hemlock and were red like cedar and tall like pines. 

This is a nursery log.  You can see the little trees growing from it because the weather and surroundings are perfect for new growth.  

Sawtooth Mountain 

This is Elway Falls, the end of our hike before turning back.  The glacier water is so creamy because of the silt.  They have soap with silt in it so that was my souvenir for Skagway. 

This little caboose can be rented. Not too sure it would be very private since this is at the trailhead.  

We took a peek inside.

 And here's our train, right on schedule. 

 " All Aboard!"

Gold Rush Cemetery
Think Find A Grave.  At least that is what I was thinking. 
I took this picture while standing between two train cars while it was moving. 

 After our hike we decided to have some yummy food.  This place was recommended so we gave it a try.  We split a clam chowder and salmon burger. 
See the ladys' legs?   

 Downtown Skagway. 
It looks like the ship is gonna plow right through. 

 After talking with our room attendants we found out that Skagway has the best ice cream around.  
Gosh, had we known......
The ship sailed around 5pm (Tuesday) or so.  We had to "get back on the road" to make it to Victoria, BC by Thursday.  
Mark and I look at this picture and just sigh........
Highlights of Day 5- The magic show, a singer who sounded just like Neil Diamond and the new dessert I discovered, bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce. 
Lowlight of Day 5- Banana Foster dessert.  It was awful. 


MLH said...

What a wonderful experience for you both!Love the write up and the pics are gorgeous!

Christie Hunter said...

All the pictures are so beautiful and interesting. My fav is the two of Elway Falls. Such a great experience for you two...kinda like a second honeymoon!