Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Victoria, BC

Our 6th day of sailing was a "sea day" so we just occupied ourselves on board.  
Mark saw the acupuncturist out of curiosity and I got my nails done and let me tell you it was not cheap, but neither was the acupuncture. I got the gel nails and they are still looking decent after almost three weeks so I suppose it was worth it.  

There were two formal nights.  One on Saturday and the second one this sea day. 
See how cheap we are?  Mark had a great idea to take a picture of the TV screen as these were scrolling by and that's why you see lines and words. 

Now it's Thursday and we are heading for Victoria.
 Breakfasts were mighty tasty. My favorite thing was the french toast.  You spooned canned pie filling  on top and then topped it off with real whipping cream.  So easy and so good and so many calories! 

 So dreamy!  I really could get used to this cruise stuff. 

 We really could not have asked for better weather.  The forecast was for cloudy, rainy weather most of the time, but man oh man were we lucky. We only had one day like that and that day ended up with a rainbow so really we had spectacular weather. 

 This is what I do best.  Take pictures with my eyes closed. 

 And I also do this.  

 So this was a weird deal going on here.  This table is covered in charm bracelets and on sale for a really great price apparently. Just a few minutes before a lady on the mic was talking these bracelets up and making a real big deal about them.  Everybody was standing back away form the table until it was time, then you hear, "1 2 3 Go!" and everybody lunges towards this table like vultures.  It was the weirdest thing. They are only bracelets and most of these bracelets were available for purchase throughout the day with no crowds.  
 I have to admit that our next cruise I want to but one. It's the souvenir thing right? 
Mark and I did buy matching cruise windbreaker type jackets that we love.  

 Before reaching Victoria at 6pm there were shows going on.  This was a Top Chef competition like they have on TV.  The master chef of the ship was the chef host guy and then they had volunteer cruise people perform cooking skills and then there was a taste test and a winner and all that.  Mark was not too interested and fell asleep.

 Downtown Victoria.  We only had about 4 hours and so we opted for just walking around town and not do an excursion although Mark was interested in doing one.  I just didn't want to use all the time on that and not see the city, but then a city is a city in a way, right?  

Sidewalk chalk art. 

 Kinda fun huh? 

 You forget how nice an evening can be with warm weather and no wind until you are there. 
Such a treat for us! And on the ocean to boot. 

 And this right here is so sad. Our last night on the cruise.
Tomorrow we pull into Seattle. 
Highlight of Day 7- The weather would have to be a highlight and meeting up with a friend from the first day just before boarding the bus back to the ship. Her story: Michelle had been right in front of us as we went through security on our first day.  She was walking slow and seemed to be by herself. I overheard her tell someone that she really didn't want to do this cruise because she was by herself and that she should never had done it.  We happened to run into her before the ship set sailed and chatted with her.  She had been her mom's caretaker before she passed away.  Her mom had made her promise that after she had her knee surgery she would go on this cruise because she knew her daughter really wanted to go. So here she was all alone and wishing she wasn't on that ship. We talked to her for awhile and told her we would keep a look out for her during the week and she thanked us for helping her feel a little better. 
Anyway.... we ran into her at the bus stop on our last night.  She was a trooper.  She enjoyed the cruise and even got to know a couple whose husband wasn't too excited about shopping so Michelle and the wife went together and had a great time during the week. Michelle was really glad she came on the cruise, had a good time and we had a real nice visit on that bench. Mark and I really enjoyed meeting new people.  We met a couple of older ladies from Arkansas who were a hoot.  Personality plus! Met a young couple who are both chemical engineers with a small baby who want to move from Florida to Wisconsin to be closer to family for their little boy. We enjoy living here in Leavitt with so many members of the church, but there is something about mingling and getting to know people from different walks of life.  We do miss that from our time in California.  
Lowlight of Day 7- I had some money in my front right pocket of my jeans along with my little camera and decided that I had better move my cash to my back pocket because I was afraid when I pulled out my camera the money would come out.  And that's exactly what happened.  I put a street map in that same back pocket and it must have fallen out on the street corner when I pulled out the map. It was only $15 so it could have been much worse.  Hopefully it helped someone. 

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