Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Mushroom Post

  I get really excited in the springtime because then I can take new macro shots of wildflowers. In fact, all summer long there are new flowers popping up every two weeks.  Some fade pretty quickly like this crocus below.  It is the very first wildflower you see. 

You know what is suuuuper crazy about this photo though?  Hold on to your horses because I spotted this all by itself in SEPTEMBER! When I saw it I felt like it was a sign.  A miracle of some sort, but I think this crocus was just a late bloomer.  It was a thrill for me to see anyhow.  

 Mark and I had taken a drive a to Waterton that day to see the elk bugle  when I saw that beauty of a specimen above.   I guess if I ever see the elk bugle in the spring then I will really know something spectacular is going on. 

 Ok, back to my mushroom post and the month of September. 
I have started adding the month of September to my summer months because it seems we really only have weeks to enjoy the nice weather. 
 The middle of September Lou Lou, Dixie and I thought we would hike Summit that starts at Cameron Lake. 
Mark and I hiked this a few years ago and saw a moose so I was hoping to see one again and this time I brought my nice camera just in case. 

 Just mozi-ing up the trail looking out over Cameron Lake. 

 It had snowed just a few days before so the closer we got to the top the more snow we saw.  

 Do you see the deer on the shoreline?  

 Lou Lou loves to lay down.  She really does.  
It goes back to as far as she can remember and beyond.  

 So while Lou Lou was resting with the can of bear spray next to her I thought I would just walk around and look for something to photograph and look what I found? A mushroom. Cool. 

And then another one.  Ah ha!  I found something else I could take macro shots of.  Sweet!

 Oh look, she is awake. 
It's crazy that we are wearing short sleeved shirts on a mountain top in Canada in the middle of September.

 And so all along the trail down I was seeing mushrooms all over the place.  It was crazy.  This hike is mostly tree covered so with the no sun and moisture it is the perfect environment for mushrooms to grow. 

 Lou Lou and Dixie were very patient with me.

 You have to admit though that you are pretty surprised with the variety. 

 Is this not a photograph right out of the 70's though? 
See the bug?  That is what's fun with macro shots.  I didn't even see the bug until I zoomed in on the photo after taking it. Bonus!

 Lou Lou resting after our hike.  I couldn't decide which pic to post so I did both. 


Dixie Dee said...

Love it all Marilee!

Christie Hunter said...

Great shots! You could do a mushroom calendar! Just sayin'....