Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4 Legged Animals and More

I thought it would be fun to do a post on the different animals and bugs I spotted this year.  
I have quite the collection.

 Do you see what is wrong with this picture?  
Don't ask me how this newborn baby ended up on the wrong side of the fence.
Seems weird to me. 

 Dixie moved her and now the momma is finishing off licking her baby clean. 

 A gopher is an animal. 
That's Lou Lou and her sweet pink gun. 

 Aww, so cute.  This is Chief. 

 Silly photo right? 

 This ground squirrel is safe because he is in the park. 
Or is it a gopher? 

 Just a big horned sheep just a relaxin'.....

 A Swainston Hawk, I believe.  After going to Alaska in September and hearing all the talk about bald eagles because they are in abundance there, I realized I live where the eagles come every March to swoop up the pesky gophers and I have never taken a decent picture of one. 
 That is on my list for next spring. 

 A duck. 

 A momma moose and her baby. 

 Look close and you can sorta see the web this spider is building.  
He is gathering up the tips of the pedals. 

 Neal built this sweet bird house for me and look, it works. 
This momma built a nest in there and had two babies this spring. 

 A neon beetle bug. 

 Tent caterpillars. Gross. 

 A boring black beetle bug. 

 Ok, This is a cool picture.  
While I was taking this picture I didn't realize this bumble bee had pollen gathered on his little legs. 

 Knarly knarly knarly.

 A crow. 


 This little skitter skeeter bug is pretty tiny. Look at the detail. 

 Yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing. 
Mating dragon flies. 

 Mountain goats in Glacier. 

 A white butterfly.

 Seagull. It still strikes me odd to see these birds so far away form the beach. 
They apparently like the mountains too.  

 A mosquito. 

 I took this in my front yard while laying on my tummy.

Michelle knows I like to take macro shots so she told me about this grass hopper that she saw on her sidewalk.  This guy did not move one iota (eye ota) during the photo shoot. 
Such a good model. 


Dixie Dee said...

Those are some great pictures! You see a lot of different creatures! Fun post!

Christie Hunter said...

Love this post! My fav photos were the Bambi photo (of course), and the spider picture. Animals and bugs are fascinating to look up closely at. And those gross tent caterpillars! Now I know their name. I had a huge pecan tree at my old house with those things on it. I came home from work one day, and the tree was literally covered in them. It looked like the tree trunk was alive because they were crawling back and forth. Totally gross!