Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Visit to Utah

My Laurel is a legit teacher.  
She is an art teacher at a charter school near Salt Lake.  One of the main reasons we went to Utah last month was because she had the week off, and plus we hadn't seen the kids for a couple of months.  
We are pretty lucky that 4 out of 5 kids live within 1 1/2 hours of each other. 

 Oh my gosh, just look at "baby girl" these days!  

 Jordan and Michelle just moved to Farmington so we tried out a Mexican place right on man street. It will definitely be a place we go to again. 

 Laurel scheduled a manicure/pedicure complete with the wax dip for us all.  Shocking as this may seem......this was my first pedicure.  She scheduled and I paid. Interesting.....

 This is not the greatest picture, I know, but this is the new outdoor mall in Farmington.
 It's a new favorite hangout. 

 We all met up in Salt Lake at the Spaghetti Factory for some catch-up time.  
It's always a fun time and it will be even more fun when we add Brad and Kelly's baby.
About 6 more weeks! 

 Brad wants his own little bambino so bad he can hardly stand it. 
Look at Camryn's pineapple. 

 Oh yes, Camryn is Clark's favorite too.  Clark and Brad are both a crackup. 

 You would think she is the first grandchild. (she is) Look at the paparazzi!
We saw Meet the Mormons after our dinner.  I had reserved tickets online before we left for Utah because I was afraid the theatres would be packed.  I was wrong.  There was a 1/2 hour delay in the showing so we were all given a free movie ticket for any Megaplex theatre.   As you can tell we entertained ourselves quite nicely for the 30 minutes. 

 We missed Neal.  He had to work, but we will make up for it in December. 

 Laurel lives right behind the Capitol building and steps away from a really pretty hike. 

 I had to zoom in on my little camera, but this is Ensign Peak and  
we will definitely hike this next year.

 Mark and I drove down to St. George to visit daddy which was really nice.  
We spent a lot of time looking through his personal history.  He has done such a nice job.  It is all neatly organized in a very thick binder complete with all kinds of "lists".  Horses he has owned. Cars he has owned.  Temples he has visited.  How many "Satch" dogs he has owned. Planes he has flown. Jobs he has had.  He even has almost every certificate he has ever received.  

Baby girl wants to walk and is not very interested in crawling.  Oh, and she has 7 teeth.

 This was a fun field trip.  Can you tell where we are?  Laurel's friend, Nicole, works at Farrs Ice Cream in Salt Lake and she took us on a tour along with a full size sample of ice cream.  

 Holy Moly it was cold in there.   Can you guess how cold?  I can and I did!  
I feel like since living in Alberta I kind of "know" my temperatures.  I figured out that it wasn't -40 because the hairs in my nose felt fine.  I guessed -30 and I was bang on! 

 To go on the tour where they make the ice cream we had to wear little caps. 
I need a new purse.  Not sure I like this anymore after seeing this picture. 

 Look at this heavenly bunch of ice cream pails. 
So here is my take on ice cream.  I like ice cream.  My  father's favorite is Rocky Road which is a classic that will always be great.  Mark likes any kind of ice cream really, but me?  I have to ALWAYS have Peanut Butter Chocolate.  The names vary from company to company, but a chocolate ice cream with peanut butter is the best.  
Up here in Canada they have the Nestle brand and the PB Chocolate is really good.  I've tried PB Chocolate gelato and it was not so great.  Disappointing for sure.  Farrs Ice Cream has their version and I was happy to report that it was delicious! When I am in Kalispell, either with Mark or Lou Lou we go to Baskin Robbins and I get their version of the PB Chocolate. And guess what?  I don't like it. I'm kinda sad that it is not that great.  You would think I would be over the top partial to it. 

Yep, 1981, the summer before I was married Lou Lou and I worked at Baskin Robbins in Hawaii Kai.  
  Lou Lou loves their Jamoca Almond Fudge.  She is kind of a rebel. 

 We also met up Brett and Becky Raymond one night for dinner in Salt Lake along with Carlee and Kelsey for a long overdue visit.  
 Just some shots I took on our way home as the car was moving.  

We always love our trips down to Utah.  The weather is always nice, the shopping and food is always always fun, but the best part is seeing the kids.
 Oh, and of course Camryn.
That totally goes without saying!

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