Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Do you want to go to Hawaii?"

Mark and I were driving back to Salt Lake from St. George the end of January when he asked me if I wanted to go to Hawaii?   Are you big fat kidding me?  Of course! We made our flights the next morning (Saturday) for the following Monday and then guess what we did?  We went shopping!  
We had nothing.  Like nothing. And if you think you can find summer wear in January you are wrong.  First stop was the DI in Provo where we found some decent things.  Water shoes for Mark, a beach towel, a canvas beach bag, a zip up hoodie for me that was practically brand new, 2 pair of shorts for Mark and a few t-shirts all for $21. I had nothing yet so we went everywhere and I finally found 1 maxi skirt that doubled as a beach cover-up, 4 t shirts that matched the skirt, a funky pair of "genie pants" and a bathing suit.  Mark also found a bathing suit. After spending $21 at DI he had a hard time spending $29.99 on a name brand suit. On our way to the condo we stopped at Costco and each bought a pair of slippers (flip flops) and food for the week.  Oh, and I found one more skirt hat also doubled as a beach cover-up. We sure learned that you really don't need a lot of clothes while vacationing here.

So this post has a lot of pictures which means this post is a long one. 
Probably right there with our Alaska cruise post. 
I looked up the best places to see rainbows on Oahu and north shore was listed. Bingo!

 We always go to Kauhku Grill at the old sugar mill for two reasons.  One is that the food is superb and the second reason is that we always see a Hannemann. 

Shez just got home from his mission to the Phillipines a few months ago and helps run the Kahuku Grill. See his t-shirt?  His family also owns and runs Seven Brothers.  It is a hamburger joint in Laie at the shopping center there. They also have two food trucks so they are a busy bunch of boys.   

 Ok. This was onolicious.  It's a dessert at the grill called peanut butter rolls.  
Sweet rolls, not to be confused with sweetrolls that are drenched in a peanut butter sauce.  Shez drizzled on the chocolate sauce because what is peanut butter with no chocolate? 

 We stumbled across this place to eat after a trip to Bellows in Waimanalo. 
These fish tacos were onolicious too. 


 The best place to get malasadas.  Look at all the choices. 

 Leonards has been around since before I was born and even before Mark was born. 
You can buy malasadas from a food truck, but the real experience is going to Waikiki to the one and only original bakery. 

 I know.  
We bought 1 dozen malasadas.  We forgot how big they were!

 Yah, that's right.  I'm taking a selfie of me eating my haupia filled malasada below Diamond Head.
Not sure life can get better than this. 

 Mark took bites of every kind we bought and I thought that was a great idea. 
Haupia, chocolate, custard, macadamia....

 I cannot wait to go back and eat these again. 
There really is nothing like it not the face of this planet. 

 The fruit stand right down the road from Turtle Bay used to sell the coconut meat in little baggies.  Not anymore.  You have to buy the coconut for $5, drink the milk and then they will cut up the coconut and give you the meat.  Delicious. The milk not so much though. 

 Soft and yummy!

Ted's Bakery on the north short near Sunset is another place we HAVE to stop at. 
We went there twice for the exact same thing.  Chocolate Haupia Pie. 
I make the same pie and he thinks mine is better.  I say mine tastes just like Ted's which I think is a compliment to myself. Either way and either pie this combination is worth every single calorie. 

Since we are on the food topic while in Hawaii I thought I would put in this cute little picture of Lou Lou and I when we worked at Baskin Robbins in Hawaii Kai in 1981. The place is now a hamburger place. Boo!
Speaking of living in Hawaii...our family moved there in 1976 when I was in high school and this was the first place we lived.  It's on Kawaihae St. in Hawaii Kai. We lived in this end unit and used to be painted dark brown. 

 Then we moved into this place in 1977 in Kalama Valley (in Hawaii Kai) for about a year. 
This house seemed to always have scorpions inside and out. 

And here I am in front of the same house in 1977. 
Yes, this 240Z was a very sweet car. Ask Mark.  He had one in orange while at BYU when we were dating. What are the chances? We were meant to be together, I tell ya! 

 This condo is on Hawaii Kai Dr. We lived in the lower units behind the trees on the left until my parents moved. 
Loved that place! 

 This is the Hawaii Kai chapel that was built a couple years after we moved here. We met in Kahala as one ward and then after this chapel was built the ward divided and my father was the first Bishop of Hawaii Kai 1st Ward.  For a few years there were two wards, but it's back to just the Hawaii Kai Ward now. 

This picture was taken in the church parking lot in 1998 I believe.  Actually it might have been around 2000.  Not sure. See Koko Head in the background?  

Guess what? Mark and I climbed it.  I never even knew this hike existed. Athletes and firemen train on these steps and after walking all. the. way. to. the. top I can see why it is a workout for them. 
Look at that incline!

Going up

 Looking back.

 It was really hard for me. 
If I hadn't rested with my head down I would have passed out or thrown up or both. 
You don't want to rush up.  You just want to say you finished it and I did, but I will never do it again.
Yes, I said I will never do it again. It took us 55 minutes to go up.  A fit guy did it in 14 minutes. 

That is Hanauma Bay there and then just this side of it, inside a partial crater is the shooting range.  My father went there almost every Saturday to practice target shooting. 

Here is a close up of Hanauma Bay.  
When I lived in Hawaii you didn't have to pay to get in and it was open everyday and you could walk down the sweet lava rock steps.  

This is Hawaii Kai.  See the baseball and football fields?  That is my high school.
Crazy that I lived in this "pinch me" place.  

  This is looking at Kalama Valley although the homes on the ridge to your left were not there.  
I should give you some facts about this place. 

 This is a bunker or storage place up at the top and below is what it looks like inside.  I turned on my flash and I was shocked at how much it lit up the inside. 

 I crab walked over the place where it turned into a bridge. Apparently there is a beehive under the bridge with a warning sign to go at your own risk.  I risked it instead of taking a side trail. 
I'm brave like that. 

 If you think Bears Hump in Waterton is steep then you have never hiked this. 
This has more of an incline in a shorter distance than Bear's Hump

Yep, a sweaty selfie because we did it! 

 Mark took pictures of me taking pictures. 
Chinaman's hat.

 Koko Head Crater

 Makapu'u lighthouse trail over looking Makapu'u beach to the left pointing towards Rabbit Island

He sneaks pictures and so do I.  This is at Turtle Bay.

Four of the seven Hannemann boys!  Seek on the left is Laurels age.  Then we have Shez who you met earlier. Seth is Clark's age and then Max is Michelle's age. Their mom, Peggy was pregnant with Max the same time I was pregnant with Michelle while we were visiting teaching partners back in the day in Newbury Park, CA.

These boys told us that there was the Volcom surfing contest going on so Mark and I ventured over there on the last morning of the competition.  It was a fun way to spend an overcast morning. 

 This is the 1st place winner, John John Florence.

2nd place winner 

 3rd place winner, Kelly Slater

 4th place winner

 I don't know how these guys can concentrate, let alone surf with so many cameras and seadoos around.

Kelly Slater has won a ton of surfing contests over the years. 
He is probably the best all around surfer in the world. 

3rd time champ of this particular event,  John John Florence! 

 Guess who showed up at Koko Head Crater? 
My mother.  She shows up at the darndest places.

Can you believe I didn't even take a picture of the temple with my nice camera?
This was my little Cannon camera.  Mark and I were married here almost 34 years ago so it was nice to do a session this trip. 

This a very cool house.  It's right next to Bellows beach.  
A few trips ago we got a tour of the inside. Crazy cool. 

 These are the condos at Turtle Bay (used to be called Kuilima) that we always stay at. 
We didn't stay in this one, but they are all pretty similar. 

And yes, here we are almost 34 years ago on our honeymoon at Kuilima.

 This is the secret entrance to Bellows in Waimanalo. 
Tourists don't know about it so it's always a local feel when you go there. 

It can be a cloudy beach, but it can also be this spectacular! 
See Rabbit Island?
The body surfing and boogie boarding is really fun here because the waves break perfectly.
Next time we go we need to rent boogie boards. 
Here is Mark trying body surfing.....just not big enough waves. 

 In the water facing the shore. This was the not so nice day at Bellows.

  This is Clark in the hole when he was 2 years old with Uncle Chris at Bellows.  Lou Lou is sitting down and I am with child (Brad) standing up. 

 Here is a different view of Rabbit Island from the Makapu'u lookout.

   Makapu'u Beach 

 Sunset Beach

 When our family moved to Hawaii in 1976 you could find puka shells all over the place and now you are lucky if you find one. Puka mean hole.  A shell with a hole.

Do you see the heart cuz I do. 

Turtle Bay.  
I was fiddling with my manual settings for this shot.

Turtle Bay Resort. 

 Malaekahana Beach on north shore

 This was at Malaekahana on the day before we left for home.  
Hard to leave when the weather is perfect. 

 It's what I do!

Yah yah yah.. Mark made me pose.

Papaya tree

Koa Haole
 Do you see the grasshopper because I didn't until I cropped this photo. 

 Bird of Paradise



 Red Ginger


Queen Emma Lily 


 Tahitian Gardenia




 Sunrise on Chinaman's Hat

And that's our trip in a nutshell. 
It was kind of strange at first to not have any of the kids here with us, but we got used to it real quick like. 
As you can see we kept busy eating, hiking, going to the beach, taking walks and taking pictures. 
We had a great time and I'm so glad that it feels like home to Mark too.  He actually lived here while we were engaged and took spring semester at BYU-H so all these places and foods are a must for him too whenever we visit.  When the kids come again we will get Musubi.  Rice with a slice of Spam wrapped in seaweed. Mmmmm....a perfect snack for the beach along with a Hawaiian Sun drink!