Friday, February 13, 2015

Kids & Grandkids!

All of our kids live in Utah and its super crazy!
Neal is attending Bridgerland in Logan where he is taking a Big Machine Operator course for 10 weeks and then a course to get his CDL (commercial drivers license). He has always loved driving tractors/big equipment and has a real feel for the controls.  

This is his "playground" when he starts driving the tractors.  Funny, isn't it? 
 Just a bunch of dirt in a parking lot. Right now he is working with the simulators and rocking it!

Another reason we went to Utah was to visit our newest grandchild, Jack.  Jack O'Reilly Cahoon!  
It may have taken us 5 weeks to get down to Utah due to the other kids coming home for Christmas and then the weather later in the month, but it was totally worth the wait!

 He looks just like his momma did when she was a baby so combined with Bradley's good nature when he was a baby, Jack is going to be awesome pawesome!

Bradley loves his little baby boy!

We bounced back and forth between Brad and Michelle's while in Utah which made our visit with the kids more fun for sure.  Look at Camryn, she was so so tired that she put her head back and that was that, she was out like a light. This is probably a ho hum picture for you guys reading this, but as grandparents this was one of the greatest things.  

Grandpa Cahoon used to sing a little jingle to our kids when they were Camryn's age and now Mark gets to carry on the tradition with his grandkids. Camryn will love it after she figures out that it's fun when grandpa jibber jabbers his lips and sings.  "say old man"......

"Hi Laurel"
There is a fun little park with a lake just a few minutes from Michelle and Jordan's house so I grabbed my camera to take some fun pictures.  The weather was soooo warm for January, it was crazy. 

If we don't play Ticket to Ride then we play Sequence.  It's a lot less competitive and a little shorter depending on how many rounds you play.  Hey, there's Clark. 
Everybody is friends after sequence :)

This little girl LOVES to look at books.  She has been turning pages for a few months now.  She will crawl to her room, grab a book and start turning pages.  

So, Mark has been wanting to eat at Sizzlers for years and I mean years.   
  With tons of places to eat in Utah I just couldn't get my head around eating here, but we kinda had no choice.   It will be another 10 years before I eat there again.

Brad is doing pretty well with his ever changing business venture.  
This is a huge printer and I can't wait to get one of my photos printed off this little puppy!

Brad has a call center. I worked at two different call centers when I was in high school. Not my favorite job for sure, but sometimes a job is just a job.  

Now maybe if my employer had a cereal bar I might have enjoyed my job.  Probably not.  
These are signs that are printed off and put on cars where the drivers make a little money while driving around and advertising. WrapMatch.

We made a quick trip to St. George to see my daddy.  "hi daddy". 
He thinks I'm perfect!
He's the best daddy and I'll always call him daddy.

I'll let you know in my next post what Brad and Clark are up to. 
Stay tuned. 

The beginning of a family picture.
Wait for it... wait for it...

wait for it...
I can't stand it.  Jack (7weeks) and Camryn (13 months) are the cutest grandkids in the whole wide world and this world is pretty big. 

wait for it...

wait for it...
Mommas with their babies. 

Ta Da!
Look at our growing little family!

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