Friday, April 10, 2015

Blessing Day For Baby Jack

Jack was blessed on Easter Sunday by his daddy. 
Man, it doesn't seem too long ago that we went to Utah when Camryn was blessed.  Actually, I guess it was only a year ago. Crazy cra cra.

 "why you poke my head daddy?" 

 Jack definitely has his daddys cheeks, but other than that I think he is all his mommy.  
 He is a pretty smiley baby (he is busy thinking here) which is fun because Brad was a really happy baby with a good disposition.  I don't know.  It seems the more I look at these pictures the more he looks like Brad as well. 

 Can you tell they love their little baby boy? 

Happy Easter!

  I have more pictures from Jack's blessing, but I wanted to sneak in a few of Camryn.
Poor thing....she was sick the whole weekend. 

Her first Easter basket.  

 I can say it once or I can say it a thousand times....Camryn LOVES books!

 Camryn is 15 months now which is pretty hard to believe.  She is walking now and boy can she jibber jabber.  You put a little pair of sunglasses on her and man can she go to town.  Who knows what she is saying, but something magical happens when she slips on her pink sunglasses. 
You can tell she is not feeling well in this picture, but still....

She LOVES the mango stone.  
Her eyes are killing me here. So round!

 Clark works at the World Trade Center at City Creek so it's always nice to meet up for lunch at the food court. 
Sushi was on the menu today.  

 Laurel and I went to a session at the Bountiful Temple. I really was wanting to attend the Logan Temple, but the timing was all off.  It is tricky business when all 5 of your kids live within 2 hours of each other. You gotten spread yourself out.  Hopefully next trip we can get to the Logan Temple.  
My 3rd Great grandpa, William Budge, was the 2nd temple president so I feel like I need to go there.  
Brigham City Temple is on my list too because we use to go there in the summer when I was little and play in my great Aunt Gurtha's little water ditch that ran through her back yard.   My grandpa and grandma Hatch lived in Bountiful for a number of years so it was nice to go to this temple. The Hatch and Budge families were very prominent in this part of Utah as well at Santaquin which is where the Hatch family plot is. 

 We love Zupas.  Michelle and I do anyways and if I'm paying Laurel likes it too.

 Laurel snagged some tickets to General Conference which was great.  Ten rows back and almost dead center.  This is Leilyanna.  She and Laurel were missionary companions in Argentina in the Lujan area. 

 Ok, now back to Jack. 
Kelly's mom made this cute little corduroy outfit for Jack. 

 We all can't get enough of Jack.  

 Clark can't. 

 Laurel can't. 

 And neither can Neal. 

 Can you see the drip on Jack's lip just waiting to drop?  
Brad sure has his eye on it. 

Kelly is getting her wish.  I am really thinking that Jack is going to have blue eyes.
Two for two and maybe we will have three out of three in September.
Yep, September 24th we are adding our third grandchild! 
Michelle and Jordan are expecting and it is so very exciting!