Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Anniversary Baby...

It was our 34th wedding anniversary on the 27th so we planned a day in the sun.
The weather has been sooooo nice.  Too warm for a lot of folk here, but it really can't be too hot for me. Well, too hot for me would be a heat wave like I remember in 7th grade in Sunnyvale, CA at Ortega Jr. High when it was over 105 degrees. If I lived in Vegas or St. George that would be too hot for me too. Oven hot is not for me, but 85 to say 95 is great!

 We decided to go to Many Glacier and do a hike then kayak somewhere. We had all day with nothing to get back for. We were out the door by 7:30 am.
Sherburne Lake on the way to Many Glacier was like glass. You really don't get too many days like this.  This is about 8:15 am.

 Indian Paintbrush

We did the Redrock Falls hike because Mark hadn't done this hike and I knew he would like it.  It's over 3 miles roundtrip which was just right because of the heat and we weren't looking for  a long hike anyway.  This is Fishercap Lake.

  I'm totally posing for this picture, but this is Fishercap Lake too.
Mark is using his iPhone here.

 Bear Grass

 Redrock Lake.  See the falls on the far left? The small little white lines.

 Mark wants to do this hike next time with a fishing pole and I can't blame him.  
All the dots on the water are bugs.

  Here is my Mark.   
My husband of 34 years, dad to 5 great kids and grandpa to 2 of the cutest grandkids ever with 1 on the way and the hardest working man I know.  No word of a lie.

  I bent down to take a picture of this flower and then these butterflies decided to land here.  I'm pretty sure this is a Black-tipped Ground-sel without the black tips and maybe that's because it is too early in the season or it's not a Back-tipped Grouns-sel.  
FYI...I have a flower chart so don't be thinkin' I know my flowers.  Some I know off the top of my head and some I don't.

 Creeping Beardtongue

  Redrock Falls. 
 Last year I did this hike in mid August so it was fun to do it earlier this year and see 
the difference in the amount of water.

This is the upper falls of Redrock. 
My picture is on the left and Mark's (iPhone) on the right.

 Mark's Picture. It's fun to have a different perspective.

  I was totally posing for this picture too.   I was showing that my sea glass and shell bangles are in Montana.  Last month they were in Hawaii right?

  Our snack spot just around the corner from the falls.
Look what was not 15 feet behind me in the trees...

 A young fawn.

After our time in Many Glacier we decided to drive the Going-To-The-Sun Road to the west side of Glacier and did a short little walk at Trail of the Cedars.  It's a spot where the climate is humid so Cedar trees grow there along with two other kids of trees. 
The picture on the right is from Mark's phone and the other one is from mine cuz it's a selfie. 
We stopped at Apgar Village for lunch afterwards 
and had yummy burgers at Eddies. 
The waiter had a t-shirt that said, "almost everyone eats at Eddies".  
I had the Blackbean burger and Mark got the Buffalo burger. 
We both loved our choices.

After getting an ice-cream cone for dessert he headed towards home and decided to kayak

 on St. Mary's Lake near St. Mary's.  
This is our first outing with our kayak this year and the weather was perfect!

  Look, it's Goose Island that everybody takes pictures of and we are headed right for it.

We had a really fun day celebrating 34 years together and we could not have asked for a more perfect day.  We might complain about the long winters and the annoying wind sometimes, but other than that we can't complain too much.  
To think that we can grab our passports and in 30 minutes cross the border, drive another 30 minutes and visit places like this is pretty darn great. 

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Christie hunter said...

Happy anniversary! Love the pictures of one of the prettiest places there is! Here's to an eternity of anniversaries to look forward to!