Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday!

The day after we got back from Hawaii it was my (our) birthday or is it our (my) birthday? 
It is the big "twin digit" birthday this year.  
I'm on the right.

 We had a deal set before I left for Hawaii that Lou Lou and Chris would come for dinner.  I would make the dinner and Lou Lou was to bring the dessert. I put in a request for a coconut filling. I love coconut everything and any thing!

 Just look at this Hawaiian spread. 
Shoyu chicken with cabbage salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad and rice. 
It was definitely a carb filled meal.  It was ONO!

 I wanted to re-create the plate lunch and it was a smash. 

Before cutting the cake it looked like a typical chocolate two layer cake. The Eagans make one for every member of their family on all of their birthdays.  Great tradition.  It was a heavy son of a gun too.  Cakes from scratch are always dense and heavier than the package ones right?   I asked Chris about the coconut filling cuz that was the deal, but he said that it wouldn't be the Eagan chocolate cake if there was filling. Um, OK.  After the table was cleared off we grabbed the plates, ice cream and cake then got going on slicing the cake.   I had to put my camera down and Lou Lou made watch her cut the cake. Um, OK.
So I'm watching.........

Back story...a couple of years ago we had a get together at our house and Chris and Lou Lou said they would bring potato salad. Chris thought he would be clever and bring potato chips.  Not clever.
 Not clever at all.  I could have bought chips.  
I was so happy that the cake had the coconut filling as you can see from the pictures. I told Chris that I wouldn't bring up the potato salad/potato chip episode again.  The surprise filling in this cake made up for the potato salad fiasco big time.
The Eagans also have a rule regarding left over birthday cake. Usually the last piece is saved for the birthday person so I was hoping that would happen, but something better happened. I got to keep 1/2 of the leftovers!
Cakes for days...not. Maybe 1 1/2 days.  Maybe.
Happy Birthday Lou Lou!

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