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Me people watching, taking selfies and eating See's candy suckers while Mark sleeps on the cement bench. 

So I have to explain these two photos above.  As you can tell we are in Hawaii.  It's the airport.  It's early in the morning. Very early, like 3:30am which in reality is 7:30am.  
When we got into Vancouver we found out there was a 7 hour delay.  They had to bring a plane in from Toronto.  Nice!  The airlines gave us 2 vouchers for meals to tide us over until 11:30pm which was nice, but still. We heard about the Skytrain so we decided to go for a ride and use up some of our time. We took it from the airport to the coast of Vancouver and then we took the ferry to Vancouver island which was fun.   
This delay totally made it impossible for us to get to our condo when we flew in to Honolulu because all of the car rental places were closed until 5am.  And to make things expensive for Michelle and Jordan, they had to take a taxi ride to the north shore because we were supposed to be their ride. We got our car, drove to the condo, took a little nap then hit the beach. 

It was hard to pick just one of these pictures so I posted both.  
You guessed it..... in Hawaii with the grandkids!  
Jordan graduated from law school last month so to celebrate before studying for the bar, taking the bar and starting work by August, he and Michelle splurged on a trip to Hawaii.  The trip was open to the family, but only Brad, Kelly and Jack could swing it so it ended up being a "married couples" vacation. 
Next time it will be the whole family!

 It was so nice to enjoy each others company 24/7 for a week and a half.   

Look!  We each have a grandchild to hold! 
Camryn is 16 months and Jack is just over 5 months.  

 We ended up going to a different beach almost everyday and found out what our favorites were for various reasons. These first three pics are from Waimea which was a favorite for enjoying the water.  Not good for little babies, but the adults liked it for the bigger waves. 

 These pics above are from Kuilima Cove at Turtle Bay. This was a great beach because we could walk to it in 10 minutes from the condo, snorkel and because it is a cove the waves were nice for playing at the shoreline. 

 These little tents really came in handy for the babies. 

Pounders.  This is one of Clark's favorite beaches and actually had to call him up to find it.  The girls weren't too thrilled with it because of the waves (thus the name, Pounders) so we hung out a little further up where the water was calmer. 

Kawela Bay.  This is a long walk from the condos, but you can get here by parking on Kam highway and walking a short distance through banyan trees to the beach.  They filmed LOST here and you can totally see why.  Calm water, sheltered from the public and very pretty. This beach was a favorite for taking the babies out on their floaties. You can also snorkel here. 

Kelly had pictured Hawaii being like this (Kawela Bay) so we are glad we went here.  You feel like you are on a private beach because you kinda gotta know where to park to get here.  These are the best kind of beaches. 

Man did we have our share of food.  This shave ice place is right next to Kahuku Grill.  We went to Kahuku Grill three times I think because the food is so awesome and so are the Hannemanns for treating us like family.  The coconut shrimp was a favorite, but then the Paniolo burger was a favorite for the guys too. The peanut butter rolls were heavenly and then of course, Peggys banana bread was so good. Peggy made us a loaf of her banana bread and Shez delivered it to our condo.  

 We went to the farmers market across from Waimea beach one day which was fun. 

And Seven Brothers was a must.  Hannemanns own this too.

 Next time we go to Aloha Stadium for the swap meet it will be just a girl's trip. 
Brad said he enjoyed it where as Mark and Jordan went along for kicks. There are a couple of places you have to experience once and from then on they can be optional. The swap meet is one and the other is Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay has turned into such a tourist trap. Back in the day you could just drive in, find a parking spot and take the cool lava rock steps down to the beach.  Now you have to fight for parking, pay to park, pay to enter the park and watch a video.  The lava rock steps are off limits and you can't walk to toilet bowl anymore.  We found that snorkelling was better at three other places on the north shore so we were happy. 

Bellows in Waimanalo was a favorite beach for everyone. Also, we stopped at 7-11 in Waimanalo for manapua, spam musubi and mochi. I think the beach is the best place to eat this myself. 

 Is not the water and sand and sky to die for? 

This was a favorite beach  Bellows) to come to when Mark and I were engaged so to be here with our grandkids 34 years later made it extra great. 

And yes, we went to Leonards for malasadas. 

I think we ended up getting 3 dozen all together which is crazy because they are big! 

Pretty sure jack smiled the whole trip! 
He is the most content baby ever.  

 We just parked and picnicked.  I think it may have been the same park Mark and I stopped at in February when we ate more than our share of malasadas.

 Snorkel date while grandma and grandpa babysat. 

 Camryn was very fascinated with her and Michelle's toothbrushes and we were all super excited to go to Ted's Bakery for chocolate haupia pie and plate lunches more than once.  Brad and Kelly made a third trip for breakfast one morning where Kelly reports the chocolate covered croissant was "marvellous".  

Brad, Kelly and Jack

 The above pictures are at Chinamans Hat. 

So Sharks Cove was a favorite for snorkelling only.  There is no beach, only rocks to walk across and sit on, but I hear it's the best place to see all kinds of fish.  Jordan even saw a turtle. I'll try this spot next trip. 

This is at Malaekahana in Laie. We liked this beach for the shade and the waves. 
Jack loved his little contraption.  

Mark and I took a walk to look for turtles and ended up finding the back way to Kawela Bay.  The beach was just around that bend. 

 We found one.  We found a turtle and just in the nick of time. Within 5 minutes he was back in the ocean, but I did get a picture. 

 He was nibbling on the mossy stuff on the rocks and now I know why their beaks/mouths are shaped like they are. Perfect set up of scraping off the moss. 


 Zippys at Koko Marina shopping center in Hawaii Kai was a fun place to eat too. 

 Hawaii Temple visitors center.

Trips with grandkids is a bonus for everyone. 
 Parents get a break and we can hand them back when they wake up. 
We so loved our trip with the "marrieds".  Kelly and Jordan had never been to Hawaii so it was fun for Brad and Michelle to share it with them for the first time. 
"Alooooha" or as Kelly would say, "Yahtzee!"

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Kari said...

Fantastic post, Marilee!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures make me salivate. We SO need to get back there!! Chinaman's Hat, Hanauma Bay -- didn't know you can't hike to the Toilet Bowl anymore, bummer. And yes, the water and sand and sky ARE to die for.

So glad you saw the turtle--he was so far up on the sand! Nice photos. Thanks for posting :)