Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Hikes...Summit, Apukini Falls and Iceberg Lake

Last year I decided to try and do a hike a week.  I'm not sure if I reached that goal, but I am on a roll so far for 2015. 
Our first official hike was to Summit Lake in Waterton and was 5 miles roundtrip with a few hairpin turns and cascading waterfalls crossing the trails due to it being June.  

Mark and I saw a moose here a few years ago when we did this hike in mid September. 

There was quite a bit of snow on the last leg of the hike ...due to it being June.
(Hi Lou Lou)

This is the start to Apukini Falls in Many Glacier. This hike is 2 miles roundtrip which is about twice as long as Bears Hump in Waterton and 1/2 as steep. 

I am totally embracing the sweet lines on my face. 
55, that's right baby!

Again, due to it being June the waterfalls have more water. 

This hike in Many Glacier was 9.7 miles round trip and it was worth every step. The end of the trail was soooo pretty. Just you wait and see. 
The weather could not have been more perfect. Clear blue skies and perfect temperature. 
See the jagged rock mountain yonder?  
That's where we are headed, me, Dixie and Lou Lou. 

There was a fair amount of Beargrass
this year and in two years the Beargrass should be at it's peak.

This is a small lake before Iceberg. 
Not sure of the name, but I'm guessing it's formed 
from runoff. 

I hear there are glacier chunks in this lake even at the end of summer. 

Lou Lou was having fun with my phone.

And I with my little camera. 
I didn't bring my nice camera so these pictures plus the iPhone pictures are just for viewing here. I thought I would give my hiking buddies a break from me taking pictures of wildflowers every 50 steps and plus my lens is a heavy one, but I think I may have to carry it for the rest of the summer because I would have loved to get a better picture of the lake. 

Dixie was having fun watching us take selfies. 

It looks like she caught Lou Lou in a funny selfie conversation. 

The color of the water was just this pretty. This picture doesn't do this justice, but believe me it was kind of a mini Alaska scene.  
Wall Lake in Waterton is nestled against a rock wall like this too. 

This is my Glacier hiking t shirt.
It says "The mountains are calling and I must go" (John Muir).

On our way back.  
9.7 miles is a long ways and it's neat to see how high we were. 

Dixie and Lou Lou looking back on where we have been.  
See the jagged rock mountain yonder?  
That's where we were.