Friday, August 21, 2015

Spring Fun and A Baby Shower.

Laurel made a quick trip with her friend from  BYU-I for a weekend in May and we went to Waterton.  Where else do you take a visitor? Nowhere. 

Hey there Nicole!

Love this picture of Laurel and Laurel loves the food in front of her.  
A calzone and pasta salad in Waterton is a must for her when she comes home. Always. 

 Laurel also loves her dad.

This picture of Linnet (the smaller one)) was taken from the trail up to Bear's Hump. The flowers below were all taken on a short walk around the lake. There are times when I just want to get out and walk on a flat surface.  I know that sounds weird, but when you live in the country surrounded by gravel roads, you come to appreciate paved walkways. It's a feeling I am really aware of or it's an awareness I guess you could say. 

This is actually a thistle plant and not a flower although it blooms. 

And this is a weed that starts as a flower which is a really pretty yellow. 

 Wild Bergamot

 Common Yarrow. You can make tea from this plant. 

 Ox-eye Daisy

 Common Harebell

 Pearly Everlasting 
See the wasp?

 Arctic Aster
See the butterfly?

Laurel is back.  She would have stayed for a month if she could have, but in-between trips she had some teacher/school stuff to do.  This is on Bear's Hump which really needs no explaining. Most everyone who has been to Waterton  has a picture of themselves on Bear's Hump.

I'm not overly excited about this picture, but as I am writing this post, which is August 21, it is snowing outside so now this ho hum picture is looking mighty nice right about now. 

 So now to a baby shower.  Kelly's baby shower.  Kelly is my niece, my twin sister's daughter for those who don't know. Laurel thought it would be fun to throw her a baby shower so Lou Lou and I drove down to Rexburg on July 16th and Laurel and Michelle drove up from Salt Lake on the 17th for a girl's weekend/baby shower. 
She's having a girl. Can you tell?

 My first grandchild is a girl too and guess what?  Michelle is having another little girl the end of September. 

 Camryn loved the camera!


 Kelly is just weeks away form having her little girl. 

 Lou Lou made Kelly a blessing dress for the baby.

 Seth just finished a semester at BYU-I so it was extra fun for Lou Lou to have two kids to visit with. 
Of course, when there is a Mexican food truck you have to try it out. 
Your eyes are closed Lou Lou. Sorry.

 Kelly has a little business that has been fun for her.  She makes baby carrier covers.  They are really cute and when she wakes up in the morning she checks her ETSY  (Joanne and Jerome) site and sees how many she has sold. Kind of a fun thing to wake up to. This is at the Farmers Market in Rexburg. 

 We missed Kelly O, Brad's wife.  She was in California visiting her family at the beach.

 This is Mexican corn.  It's roasted then slathered in butter and topped with parmesan cheese and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. I think.  It was pretty tasty.  And look at these mommas to be.

We all slept in the same hotel room for 3 nights.  Interesting for sure. 
Not a fan of white noise, but as long as it helps Camryn sleep we will suffer through it. lol

And because I am late with this post you get to see baby Thea Rose.
She was born on August 18.
Look at those lips! 

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