Sunday, September 20, 2015

August Happenings

This post is a little of this and a little of that. 
  It seems the older our kids get the trickier it is with them being able to make it to the Cahoon reunion every two years.  It's hard to split their vacation time with reunions and then time with just the family.  We all want to be together for all the events, but it is getting more difficult.  They love it here in the summer because they have been visiting "grandma and grandpa's" house next door ever since they were babies.  It's just what we did when the kids were growing up. Summer without Leavitt is like summer without the sun or the creek with no water or the motor bikes with no gas.  
It just doesn't work!

Not everybody was able to make the Cahoon reunion this year, but this is a good representation for sure. 

Everybody is here for this picture though. 
Smile everyone!
L-R = oldest to youngest
Bruce, George, Pam, Renny, Grant, Mark, Kathy, Karen, Merlene and Orlan
 With every reunion there are always family musical numbers and this year, with no exception, it was Brad and Laurel again. 

 Kelly played college ball and Brad high school ball. 

 Kaden and Neal
 Jack O'Reilly Cahoon
It's just too much for this grandma...just too too much!

 Katie Jo and Laurel
 Grandma loves to sing and has a strong alto voice. 

 Neal and Kaden
 Laurel is a teacher and a good sport.  The only Mark Cahoon family member to go down the slide.

 August also brought the annual Leavitt Ladies Ride. This year we decided to go to Horseshoe Basin near the buffalo paddock next to Waterton.

  See the little yellow sliver of a trail on the left? We came from there.  It was switchbacks up to the top which means there must be switchbacks  down the other side. Scary Beary!

 As you can see, it's pretty smokey due to a lot of fires in Montana and one in Waterton as well. 

 I am NOT relaxed in this picture. At all!
There were 7 of us and 7 horses on a small mountain top. One horse out of control and it would be utter chaos!  Nothing I want to experience for sure. But I had a good horse and she took care of me the whole time.  Tiffy is her name and protecting me was her game. 

 I could not get my head around how we were going to get down this mountain. 
Just one step at a step at a time.

 Down we go.  It was not so bad going down which made me a little more relaxed. 
Had I known what the ride entailed I'm not sure I would have gone.  Dixie had never done this ride herself, but she picked a great ride with just enough "hard" for me and I can say I did it so that's great!

 Lunch in the meadow. Sometimes the best part of a ride or a hike is lunch time.  There is just something about stopping midway to eat! 

 Home stretch... and wayyyy more relaxed!

  Hali was the leader and as we were going down, up and over the mountain trail, she is turning around while talking and visiting with those behind her.  I always hear from Dixie, "trust your horse". Well, Hali trusts her horse.  
Just us girls, our horses and a huge trailer! 

Chokecherries.  The berries were perfect when we decided to pick this year. They are a real easy berry to pick.  You just put the stem between your fingers, pull down and they just come off super easy into the bucket that you have rigged onto your belt.   
I juiced them and then we got the call from Michelle that she was having the baby that night (3 weeks early, again) so I froze the juice in ziplock bags and off we went. Mark grew up with chokecherry syrup so I'm going to attempt making it myself.                  

My attempt at Cameron Falls with manual settings.  The picture on the right is from a hike to Wall Lake. It's still so pretty even with the haze from the fires. 

 Lou Lou and Chris come out this way from Lethbridge (1 hour away) pretty often and it's super nice!
They either do a hike or canoe and sometimes both. 
This is at Crandell. 
 It's been a fun summer doing new hikes and some familiar ones.  Short or longish ones, I like them all! It's just nice to get out, get some exercise, take pictures and visit with fellow hiking buddies. 

 Such a sly one, that Lou Lou. 

 We love our men!