Sunday, October 25, 2015

September Fun with the Family!

Oh, how we love our Camryn! 
We all cannot wait until she can tell us all what she is thinking.  She talks gibberish all the time.  I'm sure she knows exactly what she is saying, although we have no idea! 

 We stayed with Laurel while we were in Utah and she lives in a super sweet spot, right behind the Capitol building. Mark and I took a walk everyday and everyday was different.  There are so many trail options and on our last day we discovered a trail on the opposite side of Memory Grove that ended up two blocks from LDS Hospital where Camryn and Sloane were born. 

 One of our walks was hiking up to Ensign Peak. 

 And man oh man, do we love our Jack! He is all smiles all of the time. 
He is the most easy going, good natured little fellow and always dressed to the "t". 

These two seem to always have something to discuss.
Clark had plans that he couldn't change so we missed him for part of our time in Utah. 

 Sisters, Sisters...
Here is Jack standing up all by himself just short of nine months and holding onto a frisbee at the same time. 

Look what a cute teacher Laurel is. Camryn loves her Laurel, let me tell you!

We were not together for Laurel's birthday in August so we celebrated it this trip. 
My girls love their daddy and I love that!

 We were waiting for Michelle to check out of the hospital so we took a walk to Hatch's Chocolate 
1 block from the hospital.

Having some fun together with the Hatch's in the back ground 

Just hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Bledsoes.

 Laurel discovered, by accident, a little room off of the Family History room at the Joseph Smith Building that was so so fun.  It's an interactive center that is powered by Family Search.  You log into your account on their iPads and go around to the areas.  When you plug in your iPad, all the information you see on the board is all about you!  The above pictures are some of the screens you see. 

We decided to take a selfie with Joseph Smith on our way out.

Laurel rocks in classy pictures!

 Clark popped over for a few minutes after work one day.  I know these pictures don't mean much to you, but these guys were throwing a little ball on the roof and trying to have it roll down into a little basketball hoop. It was impossible until Mark did it!  The picture on the right are their reactions. 
 We finally got a family picture! 

Isn't Neal just a funny guy.  I guess he thought I was funny too. 

Mark bought some toys for Camryn and boy did they have fun playing together.  
Jordan took Camryn out on a little daddy-daughter date and came home to eat their burger and fries. 

 And here is Sloane, the reason for our time together!

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