Saturday, October 24, 2015

September Hikes

Since we live so close to Waterton, we often repeat hikes and sometimes we do a new hike. It's a little of both. The hikes can be so different depending on the season. As long as the sun is shining and it's warm, I'm up for a hike whenever.  I am a fair-weather hiker.  June through the fall is perfect. 

 Sometimes a hike will maybe seem long and hard before you even get on the trail, but I am learning that the more you do, the more you can do. 
I have hiked Lower Rowe once on foot and once on horseback.  When you are at Lower Rowe you look around at a huge wall of earth and all you see is steepness and that's why they made switchbacks.  Remember my ride to Horseshoe Basin?  Switchbacks up and switchbacks down.   You don't have to hike like a mad man, you just walk at a pace that you can do so you enjoy your time outdoors. 

 I don't have a picture of Lower Rowe, but here is a picture of the hiking crew at Upper Rowe!
Michelle Snyder, an avid hiker and outdoors woman, Dixe, myself and Karen Bevans. 

I know these pictures don't show wind, but it was pretty windy and that is why my arms are out!

I thought these colors were so spectacular!

 This is Alberta?  It sure is.  I was so surprised to see moss and so much of it!  It will be interesting to see this in June with more water flowing down. 

Sometimes me and Lou Lou grab our men to hike with us. We don't mind going alone, but it is more fun, well, a different kind of fun, with Mark and Chris along. 
This is on the trail to Bertha Bay.  It's a trail off of the Bertha Falls/Bertha Lake hike. It is a short one, but next year we will continue on and go to Boundary Bay.  You can also hike to Goat Haunt on the US side and take the boat back, which would be fun. 

 There is a dock here as you can see that is kind of protected from the wind which makes a nice spot to sit and eat. Have I mentioned that stopping to eat during a hike is really fun to me? I really like it. 

This is a nice hike if you want to feel the sun on your face and back, which you do when it is September and the weather starts cooling down. 

These two pictures almost look like spring and fall. Nope, just the angle of the shots. 

It was just me and Lou Lou on this hike, but we were prepared with our bear spray. No worries! 
As we were leaving the park I spotted a deer all by his lonesome.


I don't have a lens that will take pictures from a far distance, but it was still fun to try and get a decent picture of this mountain goat. It is pretty amazing what these animals can navigate. 

Photo shoot time! We can be so weird sometimes. Whatever! 

 We do have fun together, can't deny that!

 We were taking pictures and looking for goats and then a stranger offered to take our picture together. Thanks! There was not one good picture of the two of us.  My eyes were closed on all of them except for this one, but then Lou Lou didn't like this one because her hair was blowing.  And then we took another one that was perfect for her and bad for me (eyes closed).
All the camera guy had to do was count, "1 2 3" and click. 

 Glacier had a fire this summer and I had been wanting to see it before the park closed for the season.  
This is St. Mary's Lake at the south end.  

 You would not believe what I saw amidst the scorched and burned trees! 
I could hardly believe my eyes! 

 A Fireweed!  
These only grow in disturbed soil and I knew that, but to see this all by it's self just a month or two after the fire, was so exciting for me.  Lou Lou found this old shovel.

 Goose Island in Glacier

This was taken on the Bertha Trail a couple of weeks ago.  I do like fall weather.  The weather cools down a bit and the leaves change colors and is a nice change, BUT we all know what comes after fall and that is why I can't say that fall is my favorite season.  It was in California, but now it is straight up summer with spring being a very close second. 

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