Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sloane Elizabeth Bledsoe

3 grandkids in 20 months.
How is that for some fast catching up?
 Another baby girl for Jordan and Michelle.
And another baby born 3 weeks early with completely different circumstances.
Camryn was breech when Michelle's water broke so it was an emergency c-section.
Sloane appeared to be a small baby for 37 weeks so they induced Michelle and thankfully Sloane was plenty big and Michelle had her naturally! 

As soon as we heard on Thursday afternoon that Michelle was headed to the hospital we packed up and drove to Helena for the night.  We were about 2-3 hours from SLC  on Friday when we got a text  from Jordan that Michelle had the baby and all was well.

We LOVE being grandparents. We feel so wise and smart now.  Sorry Clark, Brad, Laurel, Michelle and Neal.  We tried our hardest and did our best!

A happy family of 4 getting ready to head home!
It's sure is interesting how fast these babies come.  
It seems like Michelle and Jordan were married just a short time ago. 

 So Lou Lou and I became grandmas to little girls only 2 weeks apart!
Kelly and Dallin had little Thea Rose the end of August.

 Aunty Laurel

                           CAMRYN                                                                                 SLOANE

There is certainly a bit of Camryn in Sloane. The face shape is different.  Camryn was pretty petite at 6 lbs even and Sloane seems to have a fuller and rounder face with darker hair. Not sure about the eyes yet, but the mouth and cheeks are pretty similar for sure. 
This is what I see...
Sloane will have Jordans darker coloring with Michelle's face shape, whereas Camryn has Michelle's coloring and has more of Jordan's features. As for the nose, it's hard to tell right now, but I think they are very similar.  More like Michelle's.  I think that Sloane will be just a bit heavier and not as slight as Camryn.  Camryn is small like Michelle was.  

                                      CAMRYN                                                                 SLOANE


                             CAMRYN (1st check-up)                                   SLOANE (1st check-up)
See how Camryn is all folded up from being breech for a very long time?  We think she was breech the whole time where Soane was definitely positioned different.

                                                                      SLOANE ELIZABETH

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