Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sloane's Blessing Day

Another grandchild blessed!
Michelle and Jordan with 
Sloane Elizabeth and Camryn Ray on November 8 in Farmington. 

 Their little family is growing.  It's really hard to believe that Michelle and Jordan have another little one.  Time can sure fly and sometimes stand still.  Funny how that works. 

 Family picture time is not a favorite time for most anyone, it can be so chaotic and crazy.  Then you have Jordan Brad shooting the breeze, so oblivious to it all. 

 Camryn loves her Lo Lo or is it La La? 

 Jordan's family had everyone over for a waffle bar and it was one of the best ideas and yummiest breakfasts ever.  The Cahoons have decided to adopt this idea when we all are together for one of our fun meals.  It would be a  BYOW , "bring your waffle iron".

 This little Jack has got personalty plus.
Why you serious?

 One of my favorite photos. 
I think it's because both of these mommas are just happy being moms, doing what mom's do.  

 All tuckered out from being a new baby. 

 Clark has an array of friends. He took sewing lessons from Sarah who designs, sews and sells purses and that is exactly what is on my hip.  It really is my most favorite purse of all time. Hands down!
If you are on Instagram follow annebdesigns.

 Neal bought these pink Carhartt overalls for Camryn.  She loves them and I bet she can't wait to wear them this summer at grandma and grandpas. 

877 N. Main St in Farmington...

Now that I am really looking at these three pictures, they are spot on. 
Jack is all smiles, Camryn will smile when Camryn wants to smile and Sloane is just agreeable and pleasant, a real gem to her mom and dad. 
We love coming to Utah for weddings and births and blessings...everything Family!

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