Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Brand New Addition

We were "stuck" in Utah for over a month and I tell ya it was pure joy! We were only planning to visit for 2 weeks right after Christmas, but with delays (see below) our visit went into February. Cra Cra.

 What is Mark looking at?  Why is Marilee taking a picture of her man looking out the window? 
What's he looking at? 


                   Why am I so happy? Well, it's because this cute little house is OURS! 
Yes, our new addition! Mark was looking at our house.  
We were in Utah for Sloane's baby blessing in November and decided to just look at houses for fun.  We were just looking to see what was out there in the Farmington area and this little beauty totally spoke to us. The home was built in the early 1900's and was a home owned by a prominent family in the area.  In fact, they still own land around the home. It was a Hess home, as they say. Florence Hess used to live here.  I've tried to figure out how some of the Hess family in the area are related, but after going on family search and learning that the original Mr. Hess had 7 wives, I gave up.  
Our delays were with the closing. Oh my word.  Could we not have had a loan officer who worked for her client? Guess not.

 Look at this pretty little girl.  Sloane is so easy going and content to just be.  She doesn't mind who holds her and responds to smiles so easily.  She also does not have blue eyes.  (4 months) 

 One of the main, ok, the main reason we got this little house was so we could have a place to gather with the family.  The kids have been really accommodating letting us stay with them over the years and we have loved it, but it was time for a change. With Neal moving back to Utah soon that will mean all of our kids and all of our grandkids, yes we have three, will be in Utah. No, we are not moving to Utah. 

 He kills me.  He absolutely kills me.  He is grabbing my face so gently and looking at me straight in the eyes.  Gosh golly! He so loves his Grandma lee lee.

 See these two?  They always have something to talk about a little ways off from the group. Basketball? Stocks? Law? A new business idea? It always seems to be deep whatever it is. 
We gathered for Camryn's birthday.  She turned two on January 7th. 

Camryn had both sets of grandparents, lots of aunts and uncles (above) and her cousin Jack there to help celebrate. Clark gave her a little bouncy play house complete with the plastic balls, Grandma and Grandpa Bledsoe gave her a very pretty Elsa doll and Brad and Kelly gave Camryn a crazy unicorn pillow that she absolutely loved. Look at Jack.  He carries his toys because he is super strong. 

Our pretty little princess! 

And our very handsome prince!

Mark loves babies and I love that.  And no, he'd doesn't wear that measuring tape as a fashion statement. We were busy measuring for furniture. I think after leaving one in a store he decided to keep this one handy dandy. 

I'm still certain that Sloane is going to look more like her dad than her mom.  She has her momma's face shape with her dad's coloring where Camryn has her dad's face shape and her momma's coloring. 

 One night we had a girl's night. We ordered out and Laurel made me a hot pad for my kitchen.  I could not find a cute simple hot pad anywhere so Laurel decided to make one.  And then she made another one a week later.  She is putting her new sewing machine to good use!

The many faces of Jack.  He has so much facial personality!

Laurel had a day off from teaching and decided that she was going to drive to St. George to visit her Grandpa Hatch.  The timing was such that I was able to go with her.  We always have a time where we compare and share and learn on our devices.  We set daddy up with texting.  If he could embrace it I know he would love it.  We will keep trying. 

 So, I have had the same breakfast every Christmas morning since I can remember.  Homemade cinnamon rolls.  A tradition passed down from my Grandma Hatch. Pretty sure I mentioned this in my Christmas post. Oh well. Anyway...even though my father is alone he makes sure that he has these cinnamon rolls every year. He buys the prepared frozen rolls and doctors them up.  I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the most important step to enjoying these babies.  Side note: he had these ready for Christmas morning but due to circumstances he wasn't able to have them so he brought them out when Laurel and I were there and man, they were just as delicious in January as they are in December.  

And that is how you do it! He is a pro after all these years. 

 I had heard lots of good things about Nielsens Frozen Custard so Laurel and I decided to stop by on our way out of St. George for a taste.  A big taste.  They only have one size and it's not small. It didn't knock my socks off and wasn't worth the calories, but it was fun. 

So.......I tried to eat pretty good when we first went to Utah. No treats.  Then one night Mark and I decided to drive to the grocery store about 2 blocks away to get a small ice cream and share it. Um, ok.  Have you seen how many different kinds of ice cream flavours there are in a grocery store in Utah?  We could not believe our eyes!   I don't know how many brands there were and how many flavors, but I found a new favorite flavor that I nay have had more than once. Peanut Butter Fudge CORE. Holy moly!  And see these Coconut Patties?  Hands down better than Mounds or any other chocolate coconut candy bar. I found these at HomeGoods and also in Lethbridge at the Super Store.

Clark coached a city league girls basketball team and I was able to see him do his thing twice. They had a bad start in the beginning and then ended up with a winning season having won their last game. 

The boys went to a Lakers game and it was the most boring game ever, but they still went to a Lakers game. I'm glad kelly is OK with her man wearing a team jersey cuz I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be Ok with my man wearing a team jersey.  I'm not judging Brad, just sayin'. 

Happy little girl with her aunty Laurel! 

 Because we were gone a month I made this teepee for the grandkids and also painted a few rooms in the basement. Can't wait to go back "home" and see the grandkids...and kids. 
P.S. We are doing AirBnB with the house when we are not there so spread the word.