Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Back in Farmington!
It was so nice to meet up with my big (only) brother and Mary-Anne this trip.  It seems to be an every two year thing and don't even ask me how my father, my brother and all of our kids have ended up in Utah.  It happened and no one can really explain the phenomenon. At one point in our lives David was on the east coast of the United States, I was in Alberta, Lou Lou was on the east coast of Canada and my parents were in Samoa.  Yah, all at the same time so yes, it is very strange that we are only a days drive and one country apart.  For now. 

 We are really enjoying this little house we bought in Farmington. 
The kids are pretty excited about these garden beds.  Clark had a great idea to put straw down to make it look tidy.  He's that kinda guy. Always has been, always will be. 

 The weather was so nice with the trees in bloom and the warm sunshine.  We all enjoyed hanging outside swinging, visiting and watching these little grandkids play. Oh my gosh!

I made this teepee for Kelly's birthday, for Jack, and she loved it! 

 And every trip I cannot forget to take Kinder Surprises. This one for Jack had a cute little blue car. When Camryn sees me she says, "prize". At least she knows who brings the goods and fun!

 So 70's to me.

Our little Sloane!
You hardly know she's around. So peaceful, easy going and SHE HAS BROWN EYES!

That's right.  Grandma was babysitting so grandma had fun taking selfies. 

 Camryn has won Neal's heart. She loves trucks, rocks, sand and outdoor play!

 Jack loves balls, like, really likes balls! 
He has the sweetest disposition and man oh man is he strong. 

Clark turned 33 so we celebrated a few days early while visiting. 
I can hardly believe I have a 33 year old child. Did I mention how old Clark turned?  Oh yah, I did. 33

 Since the last time we were down, which was only 2 months ago, I have noticed a big change in Camryn.  She is more engaged with all of us, she is saying lots of words and her play time has changed too. She has a Woody doll and a Bell doll and yes, she makes them kiss so when Michelle told Camryn to give Uncle Clark a birthday kiss she did not even hesitate...or even stop.  It was not a quick peck. She was going in for the kill! It was adorable!