Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Big Announcement!

Brad and Kelly and the pizza place really surprised us with the big announcement. 
Another little baby coming our way in December....#4

 Another little boy for them and leave it to them to make the announcement so fun!  

Jack is 18 months and Sloane is 10 months old.

And our little Camryn is 2 1/2 and loves everything princess.

Jordan and Michelle just bought a new home in Farmington and they love it!  
First family picture in front of their home. 
Below is Mark helping Michelle build this planter. 



Boy, this post is a mess with the spaces and captions in the wrong places. Rrrrr
Anyways, Laurel bought herself a cute little puppy named, Sable. She is 1/2 German Shepard and 1/2 Blood Hound I believe.  She is awfully cute. 

 So these guys ^ were the reason why we left our home in the summertime to go to Utah.  (I try to never leave home when summer comes because it's the best time of year to be here in my opinion.) 
Look at the Ole' Gang. Rascons, Raymonds, Cooleys and us. The 8 of us had an evening together to talk and laugh about old times.  The parties we had, the never ending get togethers, holidays spent together.....so many wonderful memories with friends who have remained strong and faithful! 
   We saw so many wonderful people at the Newbury Park 3rd Ward reunion that were so instrumental in our families' lives. We would not have missed this reunion for anything. 

Cherry Hill water park.  We had a great time spending the 4th of July here. It's a perfect place for little kids and mommies and daddies (and grandparents).  

We spent a lot of time in the lazy river.

Laurel and Clark missed a really fun time, in fact, why do we not have even one picture of Clark? We were all together on Sunday and we didn't get one family shot. 
Who is the grandma with the camera anyways.  My bad!
Although we originally were going to Utah for the reunion, it turned out to be perfect timing to see my father, brother and sister in law.  

David and Mary-Anne hike and walk this area of St. George quite often so we met up with them for a very unique hike into the red rock of southern Utah.  We loved it and I look forward to coming back down in the spring when the catcus flowers are blooming! 

You would never ever see a tortoise in the Rocky Mountain so this was a real treat  for us to stumble upon. 

After our hike we went to a little outdoor market and bought ourselves a cute cedar birdhouse for our yard.  

Oh yes, we went to Brad and Kellys for an over the top meal.  Kelly serves the funnest meals and this time was no exception.  Yummy marinated flank steak, roasted Mexican corn, watermelon and the best summertime dessert around... strawberries, whipped cream and angel food cake. Oh, and a mexcan corn medley tortilla chip dip to die for. 
I almost died because I ate soooo much of it. Worth it though. 

My goodbye pictures with the babies! 
So excited to add another baby to the bunch! 

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Kari said...

Such GREAT pics, Marilee! What a great month you've had. Congratulations that another baby will come into the family by the end of the year!
We would have liked to see people at the Newbury Park 3rd Ward reunion. (It was during our Italy trip, we've only been planning it for 2 years, you know...)
But it looks like a blast. Even better with your WHOLE fam there with you! :) :) :)