Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday Fun in Farmington

To have this little house in Farmington where we can all gather is a dream! 
We spent Thanksgiving here and Christmas with a 2 week break at home (in Canada) in between. 

Look, we have a toy drawer like (great)Grandma and Grandpa Cahoon.  Our kids loved the toy drawer  growing up when visiting every summer in Leavitt and now we are carrying on the tradition.  Camryn is the only that goes to it for now and I am hoping it becomes a fun part of this Grandma and Grandpa Cahoon's house. 

 Daddy took the St. George Shuttle and stayed for 4 or 5 days for Thanksgiving and we all really enjoyed having him here.  Neal spent a lot of time with him talking gun talk.  Neal bought a gun, pistol, glock....whatever you want to call it so he and grandpa had lots to chat about. 
Yes, I decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. 
 A family picture minus Mark plus Amy. 

I really do think our grandkids are pretty adorable if I do say so myself. 

K, look at their eyes and lips. Love, love, love!

It was fun to visit Temple Square with all the Christmas lights. We were able to sneak into the conference centre and listen to the tabernacle choir practice for their concert. Neal and I loved it!
Brad called us mid morning one day and proposed that we hop in the car and meet them at the Aquarium for a little fun with his family.  You betcha! 

Daddy was up for most everything even the "train game", better known as Ticket To Ride. 

This little boy celebrated his 2nd Birthday on the 18th of December.

 Kelly throws the best parties, honestly. We are always spoiled with her love of cooking and baking yummy desserts.  This night was no exception and with just 10 days from her due date she was a champ. 

Brad was so excited to give Jack this little big wheels toy, yet the animals from Laurel was the beloved gift of the night.  Jack loved them.You can see that he had to have the tiger with him before trying out the quad. 

Just random photos Laurel took of us so I thought I would put them here for posterity. 
Evidently, Clark and I like to put our hands to our chin and Brad and Neal love beards. 

Yes, this photo was outdated 6 days later! 
Brad and Kelly had another little baby on December 29th.

We played a couple of really fun games that will definitely be part of Christmas gatherings from here on out. This is the gift exchange game and Brad and Michelle are doing rock, paper, scissors to settle a squabble. 

Laurel rocked the gift and the wrapping and guess who eventually won the coveted handmade piece of art. Brad and kelly.  It will match perfectly in their new home.   

Game #2 of the night.  

Mark and I wrapped money, dollar store gifts and gift cards into a saran wrap ball. 
 Everybody had 10 seconds to unwrap the ball as fast as they could and got to keep whatever flew out.  Brad and kelly were the winners of this game too. 
The kids loved it!  
Another rock, paper, scissor game to determine if we go to oldest to youngest and Clark won.  And here is one of the prizes Brad got and if I remember right, I kinda think he didn't mind it.  

Oh, Merry Christmas Sloane!

Yes, Brad and Kelly "killed" the sibling gift exchange this year.  Clark gifted them a handmade cutting board last Christmas that they have yet to see so they got clever with their gift to Clark this year. Clark is holding a cutting board....

Its always a treat when Laurel & Brad play and sing for us.  Always!

 Camryn loves princess dolls, dresses and dancing.  
Laurel is the best aunty and danced with Camryn then Neal and I had out turns. 
Here Camryn is "bowing" after her dance with Laurel.  

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with the kids, grandkids and Grandpa Hatch this year.  
We made memories, started traditions and had fun together. 


Christie hunter said...

This is a fun post, Lee Lee! You're right, your grands are such cutey patooties. Can't believe Jack is two already. Thanks for sharing.

Christie hunter said...

This is a fun post, Lee Lee! You're right, your grands are such cutey patooties. Can't believe Jack is two already. Thanks for sharing.