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We Love Oahu!

Our 18 days in Hawaii was so fun last month. 
We have been all over the place this winter because, well, because we can
 and sometimes that makes it right. 
Mark and I love going to North shore and staying at the condos at Turtle Bay where we had our honeymoon almost 36 years ago. Yikes! 
We decided to go on some hikes this time around and they were so fun with each one being a little different. 

EHUKAI PILL BOX  2.1 miles
This hike is a steady uphill climb to a pill box overlooking Ehukai Beach which is better known as Pipeline. We are sitting on the pill box. 

This is more of an uphill walk on a paved walkway between Hawaii Kai and Makapu'u Beach. 
We do this one every time because the view is heavenly! 
This bigger of the two islands is Rabbit Island. 

LAIE FALLS   7.5 miles
It took us some time to figure out where this hike started exactly.  Some information on this hike says you need a permit and there are also signs that say no trespassing yet I knew it was a legit hike so we asked a couple people around the area about it and they just pointed the way.  
At some places we were on a narrow ridge and if it wasn't for all the luscious growth you might be a tad scared. 

We really enjoyed the diversity of the hike with it's terrain and foliage but man oh man were we disappointed with the falls. I really should not have happy eyes in this picture. 

My high school/church friend, Kerrie, still lives in Hawaii and leads a few different hiking groups so it was fun to join her on two hikes. This hike is one of her favorites and it's one of ours now too. It's near the Pali Lookout area in the middle of the island more or less. It was so lush. And who doesn't want to walk though a bamboo forest? Our destination was of course the falls and on the way back we took a little detour to King Kamehameha's summer home in 1847.  You compare this part of he world to the pioneers trekking across the plains and it's kinda hard to get your head around it.

Standing inside the ruins.

PU'U MA'ELI'ELI also known as Digging Hill. 2.1 miles
This hike was in Kaneohe and a bit like the first hike we did with a spectacular view at the top of another pill box which are all over the island.  Pill boxes (bunkers) were used as coast artillery observation stations in the 1940's during WWII. 


Inside the pillbox looking out. 

 On top of the pillbox.

 KEALIA 2 miles
 This is an area of Oahu I was not familiar with while living here.  This is Mokuleia where the Dillingham Airfield is located and where you can parachute and even go up in a glider and hover over the mountains. This hike was a pretty intense uphill climb with pretty views all the way up. 
A great workout!

 Mark likes to take pictures of me taking selfies. :)

NAKOA TRAIL 5.4 miles
This was a jungle like hike with lots of vegetation.  I got so sweaty on this hike!
We were lucky that we had no rain on any of our hikes because I'm not sure we could have done them.  The red dirt in Hawaii gets very slippery when wet. Towards the end of the hike is a little swimming hole that apparently use to be deep enough for a rope swing, but the state brought in a ton of gravel so you can't swing from the rope anymore. 
Here is the group standing in front of a couple of pillboxes.  Our tour guide, Kerrie, told us to look up and pretend we were needing rescuing like in the show Lost. 

 It felt like we were in High School again. 
 I love how time can feel like it stands still. 

Mark made me pose on this rock and here he is again taking a picture of me taking a picture of me. ;)

Yep, found these pretty flowers on the trail. And look at the mushrooms. Coolio! 

KA'ENA POINT 6 miles
So this hike starts at the end of the road from Mokuleia and is kind of fun because at the end of it you are at the furthest point on the island and you can see both sides of the island at the same time. I am standing looking towards where we came from (left side). A few days later we drove as far as we could on the west side side and decided not to do that 2 mile walk again because, well, it had the same destination which is this. 
See the partial pillbox? I told you, they are everywhere. 

You definitely want to start this hike early because it gets very hot with no trees anywhere. It is a military road that is VERY bumpy and pot hole-y. Like, you would never want to take your vehicle here unless you had permission and you were a fisherman.  Again, there were no trespassing signs(for vehicles only) yet we saw quite a few brave souls. 
This iron mesh wall has been placed here to protect two endangered animals and one flower. The Mongoose (long squirrel like animals that eat snakes and that's why there are no snakes) can really cause some problems so this "fence" is to keep them out.   
Below are Albatross in their nesting area, a Hawaiian Monk Seal and this flower. 

 This is pretty much the perspective while laying down on a cement beach on our way back. 
Mountains, blue sky and the ocean is all you need, well, except for food which I'll tell you about right now! 

I made a list of foods we wanted to have here and we crossed them all off except for one. 
Mango Otai. 
It's made with heavy cream, coconut milk, mango, pineapple, sugar and crushed ice. 
This right here though is cocoa rice and Hawaiian sweet bread. 
Our friends, the Hannemanns, turned us on to this years ago and it is yummy!

Kenekes for plate lunches.
Teriyaki chicken with two scoops of rice and two scoops of macaroni salad!

We discovered Dave's Ice Cream at a place in Waimanalo and then found that it's sold in grocery stores too. Hawaiian Mud Pie was our favorite. 
Just a little "hors d'oeuvre" before the beach. 

Did I mentioned that we went to Ted's bakery on north shore more than once or twice? 
Mark loved his shave ice from Lorenzos. 
Neapolitan ice cream, shave ice with three flavors, lychee and mochi all around, sweetened condensed milk poured over the top then coconut sprinkled on top. Yikes!

Malasadas from Leonards in Honolulu is a must and then multiple trips to Ted's.

Seven Brothers has a place in Laie and Kahuku Sugar Mill and serves really good food. It was started by the Hannemann family. 
Peggy and Art were in the same ward as us in California (Newbury Park 3rd Ward) and our kids grew up together. They have seven sons which is why the place is called Seven Brothers.  
Anything you order is ono (delicious),  from their salads, to the shrimp to the burgers to Peggy's famous banana bread sundae!

First time having Pityaya (Dragon fruit) bowls which are just like Acai bowls only the fruit is a very pretty pink. 
Then we came across these haupia pudding pies at McDonalds. MMMMMMmmmmm

Ice Cream Mochi is so so good!
 It's made with rice flour and ice cream.

Mark visited Kualoa Ranch with some of the kids quite a few years ago but I had never been so we took a different tour and really enjoyed it. 

 My picture of Chinaman's Hat.

Mark's picture of Chinaman's Hat.

 Lots of movies have been filmed here at Kualoa Ranch and I thought it was pretty exciting to see the big barrier wall from the latest Jurassic Park movie. 
Yes, I took a picture of it.
No, I'm not including it in my post. 

If you don't go to the swap meet at Aloha Stadium then you haven't really shopped in Hawaii. 
Go early cuz it gets hot really quick.
I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it and Mark has a hate/love. 
I had secretly planned on not going this trip, but I knew I would regret it because it's just one of those things ya gotta do. 


 This is a very slimy jelly fish thingy that I'm holding.
Crazy octopus we saw while snorkelling near a group of tourists. 
The tour guide speared and was very excited to take it home for dinner.

 See the white buildings to the right? Hard to believe I used to live there and that this area was my old stomping grounds. 
 My friend, Kerrie has a boat so she entertained us after our hike to Lulumalu Falls. 
She really made this vacation extra fun! 

Look what Mark drew for me in the sand? 
So romantical!

And there you have it!
We can't wait to go back!

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