Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Happenings

I know the month of December is busy for everyone, but this December was especially a busy one for me. It may not look much from the pictures, I get that. We mommas are all busy beavers from making lists, checking to make sure everything is even as far as presents go, treats to deliver (which I didn't even try to squeeze in this year), seasonal events, shopping, baking, checking our lists again and again, shopping, decorating and all that jazz.  We have three December birthdays in our family which is another fun extra time this time of year, with more shopping, of course.  We had the blessing of baby Quinn on the 24th of December and joined with Jordan's family over at the Bledsoe house for a brunch with my assignment being cinnamon rolls and since that is something I do every year for Christmas morning I decided to make some for the brunch. Yummy! Two weeks before Christmas I decided to knit a blanket for Neal and Shalese so that filled my time and hands too. So as I was knitting every waking and free minute (it felt like) I was thinking about my lists and shopping and menus etc. Plus a wedding to think about and plan for February 2 which in my book really is the end of January and since Christmas is the end of December I felt like the wedding was right away. You can see why my head and hands were full this month right?  
Blah Blah Blah.....
Christmas happens every year on the same day at pretty much the same time with some of the same traditions and always is fun and then every year I tell myself months ahead of time that I am gonna be on top of things and just have time to enjoy and relax. 
Next year! 

 Yes, we were down in Farmington for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the first year trick or treating with the grandkids so we had to come for Halloween. Michelle was due early December and because she always goes early we thought we had better plan on Thanksgiving and since we were here for Thanksgiving we may as well stay for Christmas. And then of course there is New Years which is a post for next time. 
We figured right with  Michelle. We traveled home right after Halloween, hoping we could be home for two weeks before we would get the call from Jordan. Yep, almost to the day. We packed up and met them at the hospital the day after Quinn was born and about an hour before Quinn and Michelle went home and then stayed in Utah.
The Rascons. Art and Patti are friends from California when we lived in Thousand Oaks for 16 years.    Their son, Spencer, was having his wedding reception while we were in Utah so we decided to have Patti, who lives in Texas now, and her daughter, Erica over for dinner one Sunday to catch up, but honestly? Patti and I wanted to get Erica and Clark in the same room to see if sparks would fly. 
The answer is no in case you are wondering.  
Brad is preparing for the December birthday party for Michelle turning 27 on the 13th, Jack turning 3 on the 18th and Hank turning 1 on December 29th. 

The theme was Cars, so Kelly did an exceptional job with the food being yummy and festive. 
Kelly even made a separate cake for everyone.
 Michelle got the best present ever this year with her baby Quinn! 

 Jack and Hank

We had a first as Grandparents this year with our first pre school program! 
Jack did great with keeping to the beat of the music with his instruments.  
 Here is Thea.  She and her mom, Kelly, came to visit the girls for cookie decorating one Saturday.  Looks can be deceiving because this clean counter right here was only clean for the picture. These girlies thought that this gingerbread dough was play dough and man did we have a mess on our hands!  They had their shirts off and everything! 
 These two are about 2 1/2 weeks apart. 

 A visit at Brad's in Lehi.
 Just some small talk between Laurel and Kelly before the show. 

 The Raymonds. They lived in our ward in Thousand Oaks too and have moved to Utah. 
Brett is a singer songwriter and happened to be putting on his first jazz Christmas concert so we were able to attend.  It was great! 

Now, I know I mentioned at the start of this post that I did not do give away treat baking, but I helped Laurel with hers! Last year we made granola for her give away treats and this year is was gingerbread cookies.
We did a little babysitting for Brad and Kelly over the holidays. They spent Christmas on an island off the coast of San Diego. Hard!
Meet Charlie. 
He brought this dish to me in his mouth then dropped it and looked up at me to let me know that he doesn't need or like this bowl for his food.  He always dumped out his food onto the floor.  It took me over a week to figure this out, but it took me only one time to figure out when he dropped his water bowl on the mat in front of the kitchen sink that he was thirsty. 
Charlie is smart!
 I thought I would be festive for Christmas Eve. 
It was so great to have daddy come up from St. George for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  David and Mary-Anne came for Thanksgiving this year so they all came together.  And for Christmas daddy took the Salt Lake Express which is one of the slickest things going in these parts to avoid the driving hassle. 
 I'm happy my floor and couch are so comfy. 
Clark burns the oil at both ends and this time he is all comfy cozy with his new Leavitt Ladies quilt that he got for Christmas. I made one for Neal last year and I have a feeling Laurel is next!

 My father loved having Charlie around and it looks like the feeling is mutual. If Charlie were black daddy would have taken him home. 
We have a family understanding about little black dogs named Satch. Satch was never a favorite dog that my parents had when they lived in Lincoln, MT. He would snip and nip at the kids so daddy likes to bring up Satch quite often hoping we would somehow change our minds about Satch. 
It will never happen. He even bought Lou Lou and I a Satch (Skipperkee) puzzle in hopes of swaying our opinion. 
Again, it will never happen, but daddy has fun trying every chance he gets.

Neal has never been a reader, but look here! 
"It takes a good woman to make a good man better".
Welcome to the family Shalese! 


Kaylynn said...

Your Farmington house looks so cute and cozy - especially with the Christmas decorations. And grandkids bring a new level of fun to Christmas!

Christie Hunter said...

Is that 2 Christmas trees I see in the Utah house? I love that! Your brands are growing like weeds, and so adorable. By the way, you rock the elf outfit! Busy, busy mom! Great post!