Tuesday, October 9, 2018

September Fun!

Our family has three birthdays in September. 
Sloane on the 4th and she turned 3.
Neal on the 22nd and he turned 23.
Joyce (Grandma Cahoon) on the 23rd and she turned a whopping 95!
Mark and I were heading home from daddy's funeral, taking care of the condo with sorting and dumping and donating and trying to tie up loose ends like cancelling his phone, cancelling the Ensign subscription, selling some of his bigger household items and packing up so it was nice to get together for a party and just visit. 

Everybody who lives in Utah came over to Michelle and Jordans for Sloane's party. 

Sloanie Nonie Balonie Nonie is a character! 
The camera came out and she "was a feelin' " something! 
And I don't know what it is about her tongue but she uses it for more than eating and talking and her binky!
Laurel's birthday was August 30th and celebrated her golden birthday... turning 30 on the 30th so we celebrated Laurels as well. 
We all started to  sing " Happy Birthday" and Sloane folded her arms, which was so darling.  She just stood and watched us as we sang to her. 

Shalese did a fabulous job with Neal's birthday this year.  It started out with a scavenger hunt which ended with the place they had their first kiss....Cameron Falls. Look what Shalese bought for his birthday! Have you ever seen a camp chair so big? It has 4 drink holders in the arms. LOL. 
She also made him a photo album complete with photographs and descriptions of each picture.  Neal loved it and I was very impressed.  There really is nothing better than looking through a photo album. 
And yes, some things just never change.  Shalese's sister, Shelby made Neal this cake from scratch which was also very impressive.  Can you see the "pile of dirt" on the right side that was taken out from the left side of the cake. And then the rocks on the front side. So fun and it was delicious! 

We are taking break from birthdays to look at First Day of School pictures of the GRANDKIDS! 
I have three in Pre-School! 
Camryn is 4 1/2 years old. 
Jack is 3 1/2 years old, almost 4.
And we all know that Sloane is 3 years old. 

Doesn't she look great? 
Joyce loves music and Grant and Karen are always up for providing flute duets!

This is everyone who helped celebrate on the 23rd at the place she lives, Lee Crest. 

The following Saturday was another party because some of her children ("they are not kids, goats have kids" says Joyce when we make the mistake and use the term kids) weren't able to make the previous week. Karen, Merlene and Kathy put together table displays and refreshments so those coming for the open house later in the day could look at pictures and items that mean something to Joyce, have some dessert and visit with Joyce and the family. 

Top L to R of the children..
George, Kathy, Mark and Pam
Bottom L to R is Grant, Renny and cousin Paul Cahoon.

Joyce loves sea shells. She made that flower arrangement in the frame out of small small shells for her mother in law, Louise Cahoon.  Joyce and Lervae served two missions in Africa.  One to Lagos, Nigeria and the other to Tanzania.  In the October 2018 General Conference, President Russell M. Nelson announced a temple to be built in Lagos.
Here is another family picture of all who attended her party. Aunt Shirey is on the left with Aunt Thora on the right. Her other sister, Lorna, wasn't able to make it. 

Whenever we go visit Joyce, she asks us who we are.  We tell her our names and she will say, Marilee Hatch? and then she'll turn to Mark and tell him how she loves his black hair and then Mark proceeds to tell her that he is her favorite son. I have children? she says.  Yes, you have 11 children and sometimes she will name them off one by one starting with the oldest one faster than you can name off your own. LOL

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